Best Razor For Men

In order to find the best womens razors we need to look at the type of hair we are cutting. Each race has their own distinctive hair type and in order to get the best shave we need the right razor. Aside from selecting the correct type of razor we also have to look at the shaving cream and products to reduce the risk of razor burn.

Refillable Vs. Disposable

One of the first questions you will need to address is whether to get a refillable or disposable razor. The bulk of the women we spoke with prefer the refillable due to the money they can save buying razors in bulk but these “savings” are not that significant when compared to a disposable razor. These refillable best razor for men are usually inexpensive to buy at first but when it comes time to purchase the replacements you could end up spending large sums of cash during the course of the year, You should seriously think about getting the refillable brand of razors for women.

We are going to post the names of each razor and category so you will have a much easier time finding the one you like the most.

Budget Friendly Disposable Razor

The Bic Soleil Bella disposable razor is the easiest on the budget based on our research. Since they are disposable you only use them once then throw away.

Top Refillable Razor

According to our extensive research the Gillette Venus Embrace gives the best possible value for the price being quoted. Naturally you should consider shopping around so you are getting the best possible price but the Venus Embrace is the most popular refillable razor for women when compared to every other model.

Are Men’s Razors Better?

One of the most common questions we come across while doing this research is the misconception that the razors being used by men are somehow superior to those by women. The truth is they are very similar in their design and quality. Razors used by men tend to be heavier and are designed for coarser hair which is something most women do not have. Women who think they are saving money by investing in these razors that are specifically made for men could end up being woefully disappointed. Now that you know which brands of razors are the best for women you can start shopping for them as soon as possible.